Important Things to Know About Crawl Space Cleaning

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Any household with a crawl space should know the importance of proper crawl space cleaning.

A crawl space needs care and cleaning like the windows in your house. It can become a source of several problems. When left unresolved, these crawl space problems can turn into more complicated and more expensive issues. Thus, you should know by now why keeping your crawl space clean is a must.

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Why Should You Clean Your Crawl Space?

You know you vacuum and dust your home several times a week. But, are you doing this in your crawl space? Many homeowners do not until something goes wrong. Cleaning your crawl space is necessary for these reasons:

#1. To Control Dampness

Water issues are easier to detect and control when you check your crawl space regularly. These problems can be due to a plumbing leak or condensation. Solving the main cause of the problem will help prevent the same problems from reoccurring. Also, cleaning your crawl space makes it a healthier space.

Dampness underneath your house can go up towards your floor joists and at time all the way up to your attic. This problem may even appear like a roof leak. When left unresolved, this problem may attract insects, pests, and mold that can cause further damage to your home. Keeping your crawl space clean and dry is the best way to prevent these problems.

#2. To Eradicate Pesky Rodents

Rodents often live in a hidden area of your home, like a crawl space. They like living here because it is dark, quiet, and secluded. Your crawl space is a perfect breeding and nesting area for rats, mice, and other pesky animals.

When these rodents successfully entered your crawl space, they can easily get into the spaces between walls and reach the rest of your house. Cleaning your crawl space will remove these animals and their mess in the area. A good contractor will find entry points and make suggestions on how to seal them up so that rodent can’t make their way back in.

#3. To Save Energy and Make Your Home More Comfortable

Attic insulation is a great solution for saving energy. But, cleaning and insulating your crawl space is more beneficial than attic insulation. This will kill the cold air on your floor and interior walls, which will make your HVAC system last longer.

Replacing your old insulation is possible. That is important as it will make your home more comfortable. Insulation replacement is more important when you have a rodent issue, a water leak, or both.

Rodents will damage your insulation breaking the insulation barrier causing cold or hot spots in your home.  Cleaning your crawl space and replacing the  old insulation will resolve these issues. Also, these tasks will make your home energy-efficient and smelling fresh and clean.

#4. To Get Rid of Mold

There are many types of mold. Some are toxic. Others threaten the allergy sufferers. Quick detection and elimination of mold is a must. You must seek help from the professionals.

As an average homeowner, does not know how to find and eradicate traces of mold. Mold is difficult to identify. Not every dark-colored mold is a “black mold.” In fact, some types of mold that can threaten someone’s health do not look dangerous. Only the pros can easily recognize their difference and remove them all.

#5. Enhance Indoor Air Quality

A crawl space must smell like soil since it is the part underneath your home. Thus, something is wrong if the odor is different. This unpleasant smell indicates poor indoor air quality. Luckily, this problem is often manageable. Animal droppings, dearly departed rats, mold, and damaged drain lines will cause a bad odor and decrease indoor air quality.

RGS Crawl Space Insulation has a professional crawl space cleaning staff that can handle the problem. They will locate and remove the culprit underneath your house. This will make indoor air freshener and cleaner.

The cleanliness or untidiness of your crawl space can directly and indirectly affect your health and wellbeing. Your floor may be extremely cold, which forces the heating system to work harder. Or, there can be dampness or mold that have been lingering underneath your house for a long time. Regardless of the case, cleaning a crawl space is always the best solution.

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How Much Does Crawl Space Cleaning Cost?

Cleaning a crawl space typically ranges between $500 and $10,500. Many contractors often charge their clients based on the condition and the size of the affected space.

RGS Crawl Space Insulation will provide crawl space repair and cleaning. They  will charge you depending on the project. They go to your home, inspect the area, and give you an estimate.

This free estimate will list the cost of preparing the entire space for potential repairs and cleaning. Also, this free estimate states disposal of waste found in your crawl space.

The Condition of the Affected Crawl Space

You will spend less if your crawl space only needs basic cleaning and maintenance. In this case, the charge is usually less than $1,000. But, the pros will charge more if you need rodent droppings removal. Also, they may charge you as much as $10,000 in repairing a severely damaged crawl space. The cost can be twice the usual cost if your crawl space incurred several damages.

The Size of Your Crawl Space

The cost typically ranges between $500 and $2,500 for a small crawl space. For a bigger area, expect to pay from $2,500 to $10,500. Professionals will figure out where your project falls into based on how much debris and potential damage your crawl space have. When the crawl space is hard to access, expect an extra charge. You should add $100 to $500 to your budget.

How Do Professionals Clean a Crawl Space?

Cleaning is always the first step before repairing a damaged crawl space. The professionals will remove anything that can affect your home’s indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Vapor barriers, encapsulation, and new insulation are more effective when installed on a clean surface. If not, mold and debris will start to build up below the surface that causes further damage.

Only the pros can handle waterproofing system installation and repair and cleaning your crawl space. They have the protective gear, and equipment to handle hazardous materials or scenarios like:

  • Fiberglass
  • Animal waste
  • Asbestos
  • Sloped grade
  • Narrow areas
  • Limited visibility

After the inspection, they will remove the insulation and vapor barrier. They can start cleaning and sanitizing the area after clearing it.

The professionals use a low volatile organic compound non-toxic applicator to clean a dirty crawl space. They will concentrate on one part of the area for a few minutes before moving to another.

After cleaning the crawl space, the professionals will replace the insulation, vapor barrier, and the rest. Replacement is necessary to achieve long-lasting protection from mold, pests, or water damage.

What About Do-It-Yourself Crawl Space Cleaning?

You may want to know if you can clean a crawl space on your own. It can be a workable choice as well. But, you should have the needed skills and tools. Otherwise, your attempt will just turn into a bad experience.

The truth is, only a few homeowners out there are brave enough to crawl down into a crawl space. Going there can be too dangerous, especially if the area is wet, untidy, and pest-ridden. Thus, you must choose not to do this job on your own.

Professionals who specialize in cleaning a crawl space are more knowledgeable in dealing with all types of mold. They also know how to recognize and measure the severity of structural damage. Creating a vapor barrier for the whole crawl space is easier for them, too.

Cleaning a crawl space is not as simple as what you can imagine. It will not be successful if you do it alone without having some special tools that remove contamination. Also, it can be more dangerous if you do not wear the right personal protective equipment. With that, you are not 100% sure of your safety while doing the job.
Moreover, DIY crawl space cleaning is not a good option if you have allergies. Cleaning this narrow space exposes you to allergens, germs, rodents, and loose wiring that can harm you a lot.

For all these reasons, leaving the job to the professionals is the best decision. They can take care of your crawl space problems in the quickest, safest, and affordable way.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals in Cleaning Your Crawl Space

Aside from being competent, honest, reliable, a good crawl space repair and cleaning company will always think about you. The pros of that company will walk you through their cleaning process.

They will keep you updated. They will explain to you their findings after inspecting your crawl space. Also, they will show you how their service can resolve the issue and improve your home. They will identify the right solution for the problem and explain how they do it.

The professionals from RGS Crawl Space Insulation will share every single detail with you. They will never leave you behind. They basically will inform you about each step they take.

By hiring RGS Crawl Space Insulation, the cleaning process will take less time. They can finish the job in a timely manner and will be successful. The job, in general, will be done the right way.

No job is to small or big for the professionals. Since they have the experience and knowledge, they can take any crawl space problems you have.

What to Look for in a Crawl Space Cleaning Company?

Is it your first time to work with a professional service provider? If this is your case, you should learn first those things you must look for in one:


Make sure the company you choose has competent professionals. Can they do the job? Do they have the needed equipment, tools, and gear? Are they insured? If the company provides their workers with cleaning supplies, feel free to ask what they often use. Make sure their cleaning supplies are eco-friendly and safe for your family’s health.

Also, ensure these professionals exercise utmost care when installing or removing insulation. They must use the most sustainable and energy-efficient products on the market. These products must be durable and genuine.


The next factor to consider is the price. Make sure you pay for the services you need in the right and fair way. Avoid the company with significantly overpriced or super low-priced services. It can mean the company may fail to offer the expected service and quality.


Does the company you are considering have the most reliable professionals? They should be people that treat your home as theirs. Also, they must provide the best quality for cleaning and other crawl space services you need. These people must be real experts in cleaning a crawl space.

Thus, make sure your preferred company do background checks on its employees. Likewise, the company must be licensed and insured. It also should give you testimonials and references from their current and previous clients to prove their reliability.

Also, you must ensure the professionals from that company show true eagerness and sincerity in the job. You cannot be sure of the job’s quality if the workers seem unhappy on what they do.

Tips for Finding Good Crawl Space Cleaners

  • Get recommendations. Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, or relatives who used to work with crawl space cleaners. Ask about their experience. Find out how good the service was. If their experience was great, why not choose the same company?
  • Look for reviews on the web. No customer testimonials available? You can also look for reviews written by the previous clients of your preferred service provider. These reviews will reveal to you both the good and bad side of your prospect service provider.


Hiring a professional crawl space cleaning company must reduce your worries about your crawl space. But, make sure you do your homework in advance to avoid problems.

Look for a company with professionals who take pride in their work. RGS Crawl Space Insulation can answer any of your questions about insulation in your home. Contact them for a free crawl space evaluation today. 

How We Clean Insulation out of an Attic

clean attic insulation

Blown-in insulation, sometimes known as loose-fill insulation, is a popular form of insulation for your attic.   Offering  a lower cost, better energy efficiency and noise-muffling properties than regular insulation.  However, if you’re looking to clean the insulation from  your attic,  it can be a huge pain.  RGS Crawl Space Insulation will clean out blown-in insulation from your attic. In this article, we’re going to explain our process and how we make it happen.

Preparation is Key

First, we make certain that the right measures and safety steps are taken before we do anything in your attic.  If RGS Crawl Space Insulation did not install your insulation,  safety checks will ensure that the insulation does not contain any traces of asbestos. This is especially important when your home is over 50 years old. It’s important that you personally do not check or disrupt your insulation because when there is asbestos, it could put your life in danger when you’re unprepared. If asbestos is present,  we take the proper safety measures necessary to ensure  safe removal of the insulation.

Mold and Contamination

We’ll also make sure to check for any signs of mold or rodents. Mold typically forms when there is a leak or excess moisture in your attic. In addition, your insulation may also be contaminated with urine, droppings or the carcasses of dead rodents. This is why it is important to prepare before removing your insulation. We understand just how dangerous it can be to remove blown-in insulation without any idea of what could be in your attic, so we take appropriate measures to protect our contractors and your home.

Should you have concerns regarding your attic space. It’s crucial that you do not disturb the insulation or attempt to remove it on your own. Our experts will take care of the entire process. With large or unstable attics,  we may  install large planks across joints in order to maneuver around your attic safely. These will be removed at the end of the cleaning process. 

Preparation is key in the removal process. The safer we keep our staff, the faster and better the results. Be it wearing the right safety equipment, scanning for asbestos or even watching out for rodent infestations, our team will take every safety measure to ensure an efficient and effective removal of your blown-in insulation.

Professional Equipment

Our experts are equipped with high-powered professional equipment that can get the job done in record time. A primary tool we will be using is an industrial-strength filtered vacuum to clean up all of the loose insulation. This is  routed to bags that we’ll dispose of properly,  as they fill up. The hose will typically be routed outside, rather than being kept in your attic or home.  

The industrial-strength vacuum allows effective and efficient clean-up.  Since the insulation is routed directly into trash bags, it speeds up the removal process and there’s less time spent clearing out the insulation. This results in a fast removal process with no risk to you or our contractors. 

A Clean Attic is a Good Attic

Our contractors will work their way through your attic, focusing on clearing up any loose bits of insulation. We may need to loosen the insulation if it is stuck or old. We make sure to clean up any bits that may be clinging onto joints or stuck in small nooks around your attic. If needed, we use a smaller vacuum or a brush to complete the clean out.  

Blown in Attic insulation
This is what your attic should look like. If it does not look like this. Please contact us for a free Evaluation.

Contact Us Today

RGS Crawl Space Insulation understands just how time-consuming a job like this can be, but with our years of experience and skill, we can clean your blown-in insulation in record time. Thanks to our well-trained contractors and specialized equipment, we’ve got it covered.

Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff members who will be more than happy to assist you and set up an appointment.