Looking for an Insulation Contractor?

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With winter upon us soon, it’s about time that we started to look for an insulation contractor to repair or install home insulation to keep us warm during the colder season. However, hiring a contractor isn’t as simple as just making a phone call and expecting someone professional to come around. It does take a lot of research and you’ll want to prepare ahead of time by doing your research.

1. The contractor vetting process

It’s important to ask a lot of questions if you’re going to be hiring an insulation contractor. You should be asking them things about their experience, how long they’ve been in the business and so on. For your specific task, you’ll want to ask them what experience they’ve had in that area of insulation installation. For example, if they’re used to working in crawl spaces, exterior walls or if they specialize in roof insulation. There are many places that insulation can be installed in, so it’s sometimes a good idea to ask your insulation contractor where they usually install it.

You should also ask them what materials they’re used to working with. For instance, working with brick is a lot different to vinyl siding and the process involved to add the insulation is completely different.

2. Is the contractor licensed?

One of the most important things is to ensure that your contractor is actually licensed. This means asking them for proof that they have the right certifications to do the job and to also ensure that they are legally able to carry out an insulation installation. Many contractors you find will lie about their certifications and they’re the ones that you want to avoid. They’ll end up costing you more money and could even damage your home with a poor job.

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Avoid any cheap services and always go for the insured and licensed insulation contractors that are available. While you do have to pay more, it’s well worth the added cost.

3. Does your contractor offer a warranty?

It’s also important to see if your insulation contractor offers a warranty. The last thing you want is for the insulation to fail over time. Accidents will happen and liability insurance means that you’re protected from those concerns. If your property is damaged then a warranty will ensure that you get it fixed and repaired as quickly as possible.

Insulation contractors have an obligation to deliver the highest level of customer service they can, and this means offering a lifetime warranty as a standard. If the contractor you’re speaking with doesn’t offer this, then you should avoid them at all costs.

4. Does your contractor know about the products they use?

Do a little bit of research into the most common materials used for insulation and ask your insulation contractor about them. If they’ve got no clue about the differences between materials or a closed cell and open cell spray foam insulation, then they’re not qualified to install your insulation and you’d be better off hiring a different contractor. Some shady insulation contractors will always “recommend” products that are expensive so they receive the highest profit margins, but you need to be on the lookout for honest contractors that will give you the choices and only have their recommendation as general advice.

An insulation contractor that doesn’t know about the products they use is either a con artist looking to sell you an expensive product that you don’t need or someone that isn’t qualified to install your insulation for you.

5. Ask how experienced the insulation contractor is

Sit down with the contractor or speak to them over the phone and ask them how long they’ve been in the business. Many companies will say that they’ve been in the business for decades, but a quick Google search should reveal just how long the company has really been active. Contractors will occasionally lie about their experience just to show that they’re reliable, but what’s reliable isn’t their word–it’s the work they’ve done. You have every right to ask them for a portfolio or information about completed jobs to show that they’re capable of doing what they say they can. If their website or store doesn’t have pictures of previous jobs, then it’s probably best to avoid them and look for a more experienced contractor.

If you can’t find a contractor that is willing to show you their past work, then there’s a good chance they’re either not proud of their work or they simply don’t have the experience. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to rely on a service that admits they don’t have much experience in the field, you’re usually better off paying more for a guaranteed quality of service.

6. RGS Crawl Space Insulation

The last point we want to make is that we, RGS Crawl Space Insulation is the contractor for you. We follow all the points above and offer a free inspection of your crawl space or attic to make sure we will solve your insulation needs. Contact us today or book your free evaluation today.

Put any other points in the comments section below to help others with hiring an insulation contractor.


How We Clean Insulation out of an Attic

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Blown-in insulation, sometimes known as loose-fill insulation, is a popular form of insulation for your attic.   Offering  a lower cost, better energy efficiency and noise-muffling properties than regular insulation.  However, if you’re looking to clean the insulation from  your attic,  it can be a huge pain.  RGS Crawl Space Insulation will clean out blown-in insulation from your attic. In this article, we’re going to explain our process and how we make it happen.

Preparation is Key

First, we make certain that the right measures and safety steps are taken before we do anything in your attic.  If RGS Crawl Space Insulation did not install your insulation,  safety checks will ensure that the insulation does not contain any traces of asbestos. This is especially important when your home is over 50 years old. It’s important that you personally do not check or disrupt your insulation because when there is asbestos, it could put your life in danger when you’re unprepared. If asbestos is present,  we take the proper safety measures necessary to ensure  safe removal of the insulation.

Mold and Contamination

We’ll also make sure to check for any signs of mold or rodents. Mold typically forms when there is a leak or excess moisture in your attic. In addition, your insulation may also be contaminated with urine, droppings or the carcasses of dead rodents. This is why it is important to prepare before removing your insulation. We understand just how dangerous it can be to remove blown-in insulation without any idea of what could be in your attic, so we take appropriate measures to protect our contractors and your home.

Should you have concerns regarding your attic space. It’s crucial that you do not disturb the insulation or attempt to remove it on your own. Our experts will take care of the entire process. With large or unstable attics,  we may  install large planks across joints in order to maneuver around your attic safely. These will be removed at the end of the cleaning process. 

Preparation is key in the removal process. The safer we keep our staff, the faster and better the results. Be it wearing the right safety equipment, scanning for asbestos or even watching out for rodent infestations, our team will take every safety measure to ensure an efficient and effective removal of your blown-in insulation.

Professional Equipment

Our experts are equipped with high-powered professional equipment that can get the job done in record time. A primary tool we will be using is an industrial-strength filtered vacuum to clean up all of the loose insulation. This is  routed to bags that we’ll dispose of properly,  as they fill up. The hose will typically be routed outside, rather than being kept in your attic or home.  

The industrial-strength vacuum allows effective and efficient clean-up.  Since the insulation is routed directly into trash bags, it speeds up the removal process and there’s less time spent clearing out the insulation. This results in a fast removal process with no risk to you or our contractors. 

A Clean Attic is a Good Attic

Our contractors will work their way through your attic, focusing on clearing up any loose bits of insulation. We may need to loosen the insulation if it is stuck or old. We make sure to clean up any bits that may be clinging onto joints or stuck in small nooks around your attic. If needed, we use a smaller vacuum or a brush to complete the clean out.  

Blown in Attic insulation
This is what your attic should look like. If it does not look like this. Please contact us for a free Evaluation.

Contact Us Today

RGS Crawl Space Insulation understands just how time-consuming a job like this can be, but with our years of experience and skill, we can clean your blown-in insulation in record time. Thanks to our well-trained contractors and specialized equipment, we’ve got it covered.

Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff members who will be more than happy to assist you and set up an appointment. 

What is a Crawl Space & Attic Evaluation?

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Schedule a free evaluation of your home’s crawl space and attic today. It is easy and you can securely schedule us at any time with our new online scheduling software or call us today.

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What is a crawl space and attic evaluation? 

We get this question a lot so we want to answer it on our new blog.  The crawl space and attic evaluation is the first step in understanding the needs of your home. These spaces are important for your health and your pocket book. Insulation serves as a barrier to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Over time the insulation can break down or become damaged causing an increase of energy cost and an unhealthy home.

It is not uncommon in the northwest for rodents to find their way in to your attic or crawl space. The type of damage rodents cause create a health hazard and generally an unpleasant experience.  

The entire evaluation can take up to thirty minutes to an hour. During that time we will complete the following:

  • Inspect the quality of the insulation
  • Inspect vapor barrier condition.
  • Inspect duct work insulation
  • Inspect water pipe insulation
  • Inspect Attic baffles
  • Inspect blown in insulation level 

We may make other necessary recommendations to make sure your attic and  crawl space are up to par. Once we complete the measurements and inspection. We will put together an estimate for repairs. There is no obligation to purchase our services once we complete the evaluation. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

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This is what people tell us.


“RGS impressed us from the beginning with their quick response and professionalism. They went above and beyond to schedule our job quickly to meet a building Inspection for our home sale. When their crew arrived, they were friendly, professional, and had our project completed on time at a reasonable cost. They left everything spotless. We will highly recommend them to family and friends. Thank you, RGS!”
-Diane Smith

“Israel and his crewmen performed a very Clean, on time and very well priced job at our house. They arrived on time, even though we have given them a very short notice. The removal, clean up and Installation of new Insulation and Vapor Barrier has been done with professionalism and punctually. Very good service overall and very much appreciated by us. Thank you and we will recommend you to all our friends and family.”
– Cristina and Doug on Cypress street | Mt. Vernon, WA